“World schooling” – Learning through Traveling

Travel is educational and it is considered to be very beneficial for education because it broadens the mind, as students learn from and interpret experiences. So, encouraging students to travel the world is another method propagated by many schools these days, to help them learn lessons by real life experiences or we can say it is more sustainable ways of living are probably also tuned into alternative methods of education. The “world schooling” concept generally combines self-directed learning that’s enriched with an active engagement with the world, often in the form of travelling or in simple words we can say it is the combination of education and travel.

Travelling is a great way of understanding different lessons that were only read in books till now. Students can learn subjects like geography, history, math, art, music, different languages, current world events, critical thinking and social responsibility in a hands-on way through first-hand experience, rather than non-contextually from a textbook. Learning through experience induces inspiration, which is the driving force behind all successful people.

In communicating and interacting with other cultures, students will find just how they vary from your own. Different cultures prefer different types of cuisine, manners, and social expectations. Learning is the ultimate point of traveling, so take it in whole-heartedly and keep an open mind. Understanding another culture’s history is the premier way to understand its politics, motivations, and social habits.  It may be the only way to learn about it authentically. Traveling teaches everyone how to improvise.

New technologies and the growth of remote work allow world schooling parents and students to travel and work at the same time. Moreover the objective of world learning is not about the children learning, it’s about all of you growing and learning as a family.” That’s why Schools these days include assignments on different places and monuments in their holiday homework to make students experience all the places they read about in books. It has become a common practice in most of the schools these days as students gather knowledge as they “understand, learn, discover, explore, and make sense of other places”.

Travelling is also a way to self discover yourself as various places unfold in front of your eyes. You gain wisdom and a taste of cultural experience. Not to forget, travelling also gives students and parents numerous memories to be cherished later and on the way, and also it helps to make a lot of friends and moreover the skills and experience students gain from travelling can give them a life-long personal benefits which will definitely leg up to them in the professional world.

Most Important reasons for students the concept of world schooling is beneficial for them:

  • Students will get out from their comfort zones i.e. home
  • It builds students confidence
  • Students will develop cultural Sensitivity
  • It helps them to get Global Exposure
  • It helps to learn to explore other languages
  • Most importantly, infinite opportunity of Networking for personal and professional development.

World-schooling is about being present enough in your surroundings and with your children to be able to see the educational opportunities all around you. It means looking at your family’s schedule and making time for travel and adventure — even if it takes place in your home neighborhood — and becoming intentional about the learning that takes place every day. It isn’t that things can’t be learned from textbooks; it’s just that so much more is learned outside of them. It’s the latest buzz word in alternative education. It’s taking your kids on holiday to learn about other countries.There a lot more to it than that, it’s a lifestyle and a whole-life commitment. It’s not something you do on weekends or school holidays, you do it all day, every day. World schooling is a lifestyle choice, a wonderful one as per some cool world schooling parents.

There is also another side of the world schooling with the practical experience from some travelers or parents and they don’t really think many kids would benefit from world schooling because they thought most kids appreciate stability, familiarity, consistency and since students spent such less time in other countries the people students met have usually been lost, and forgotten them and thirdly, as per their personal experience it is the double stress of learning a new language, new customs, and new culture on students.

Education is around all of us everyday no matter where we are in the world. It is our jobs as parents, educators, schools to ensure it is absorbed. We find it amazing how naturally curious the kids are and what they have learned from travel and traditional schools. By making learning through travelling a regular activity, schools can give more global exposure and ensure lifelong learning skills which will be an amazing experience for our future generation and school will fulfill his responsibility in a more responsible manner and make proud our India globally by creating a true global student.

By: – Raman Bansal, Director, Scholar’s Pride Sr Sec School, Dhuri (Punjab)




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