Great Schools Awards follows a comprehensive methodology as well as judging criteria to ensure fairness and transparency. It also aims at identifying and fecilitating the educationist for their efforts. The educationist plays a vital role in the development of the future employees and these awards share the common goal of shining a spotlight on the work that educationist do. It starts with the nomination of the institutes/individuals and the process follows on by the validation of the nominations by the jury and the announcement of the winners and finally the award ceremony.

Judging Process

We, as a jury, recognize and respect the sensitivity of the information submitted in the entries. The submitted informations are not disclosed or discussed outside the judging process. Neither do we not publish names of organizations or individuals that have not been shortlisted for an Award, nor we reproduce any information from your entries unless prior permission is taken.


A comprehensive judging process is being followed to decide the worthy winners of Great Schools Awards:


​1. All entries will be sent for the first round of review once the date of nomination is expired and all submissions have been received.

2. Entries will be carefully scrutinized, and the best selected will go forward to be shortlisted in a particular category.

3. The names of the shortlisted finalists will be displayed on the Awards’ website.

4. Judges are divided into two panels, to ensure no potential conflict is evoked.

5. The judges will give scores to each entry, which is allocated to them against a predetermined set of scores.

6. Scores are then collected and accumulated and the entrant receiving the highest overall score will be declared the winner of that category.

7. The winners will be finally announced at the awards ceremony.

  8. The nominations will be categorized into four zones.

9. Each zone will be further divided into pre-schools, high and senior secondary schools.


The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence or communication of any kind will be entertained in relation to the decisions reached.


The great school jury are developing an expanding list of legendary people, whether principals or teachers, whose contributions to the area of education technology have been of great benefit to countless people. There are few reasons to apply for an award.

1. Great Schools Awards enables you to establish yourself as the best serving institution.

2. Great Schools Awards provide an injection of energy and enthusiasm.

3. Award winning is likely to result in extra publicity for your school through media.

4. The winners shall be handed over a certificate and the certificate and the photographs can be displayed at your premises will be a proof of your ability to serve your society one award could lead to further award, multiplying the benefits listed above.

5. The awards logo can be used on their stationery, business cards, brochures, leaflets, print advertisements, website and other promotional material.

6. Awards can prove as a solid base for good marketing opportunity and platform for schools.