Handling Failure

“If you want to live greatly, you must also be willing to risk greatly. To get to the pearls, the driver needs to be willing to go deep and visit the places that the timid souls would never visit.”

After having served a long innings, certain things still amaze me. With the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, we have undoubtedly forged ahead, some have really subscribed to the parameters of a progressive outlook, but yet when it comes to handling failure, many of us fumble. What astonishes me is, that at times even the senior most fraternity incumbents do not even wish to introduce the term ‘failure’. It is very much there in everyone’s pocket dictionary just that we don’t wish to familiarize ourselves with it.

Friends and my fellow travelers, there’s a dire need to understand that we cannot run away from failure. All of us face it at the some point of time in our lives, hence lets get open and candid about it. We need to create a comfort zone in the schools where we should sensitize the faculty first, who can later take it up with children in the classrooms, especially the senior school students. As we converge into the 4th Industrial Stage of revolution, we need to hone certain skills, which will pose the biggest and the hardest challenges in the history so far.

We need to address this, the sooner the better. And yes, here we need to orient parents as well. Sometimes children face pressure from en number of sources, be it schools, parents, peers.

What we need to instill in children is the deep understanding that success is nothing but getting up each time, we fall. Falling and staying there, is failure. Otherwise failure in itself is a great teacher, provided we are ready to accept it and learn from it.

Unfortunately, the present generation is very fragile and is not equipped to handle pressure and often it leads to anxiety and acute depression.

Now, these are terms and vocabs, which never existed in our dictionary probably because the expectations were never high or unrealistic.

Times have changed; let’s learn to be the change that we expect. Let’s learn to lead by example.

Our non-accomplishments should not be transferred to our next generation.

We need to create space and let children breathe, breathe freely. Ensure we let them wear the thinking caps and explore the world. It’s fully of opportunities for each one of us.

In this journey called LIFE, there’s so much to imbibe, evolve and forge ahead. Let’s not brew limitations around our children. Let’s instead focus on skill development which is an essential ingredient of the Contemporary “teaching & learning” process.

Put this on the Pin up board in the School Campus:

F – Focused

A – Amazing opportunity

I – Intelligent

L – Lasting

U – Unstoppable

R – Rigorous

E – Evolving

Good Luck

Dr. Ragini Kaul


G.D. GoenkaPublicSchool





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