Education for the Educationists

Education should help each individual, belonging to any gender, religion, caste, race or class, to learn, think and do things creatively, to be self motivated and inspired.  It should help in equipping children with confidence and skills, so that they become honest, caring and contributing members of this fast ever evolving global citizenship. It should also help them to settle in any part of the global grid, and survive with a positive attitude, even when resources are very few. A strong underlying sense of spiritual maturity should be imparted to the children as they grow, so that they turn out to be excellent individuals, who can’t hurt others while they themselves prosper and progress in life.

In order to achieve these goals of Education, it needs to be seen that the correct teaching, learning practices, relevant assessment processes, and congenial atmosphere is prevalent in the institutions of learning i.e. the schools. Children learn best when they are at peace with themselves and others. Proper organization of classrooms, display of learning aids, and group activities make the children improve their learning skills.

When we say the word Educationists, it would include Parents, Teachers, Heads of schools i.e. Principals, Managers/Directors/Advisors, members of the Managing Committees, State Regulatory Bodies, and Affiliation Boards.. Each of them has the joint responsibility of making education a tool of relevance for the children. In fact it is the top level of Educationists who have a greater responsibility to see that the goals of Education are being fulfilled.

The parents are the very first Educationists of the children. Often it has been observed that when parents have no time, they consider the school entirely responsible for their wards. It is essential for parents to always supplement what has been done in school by giving proper attention and quality time to their child at home, throughout his/her schooldays and later on also. Parents must and compulsorily keep a watch on all the activities of their wards at all times. However, their role should be of a team player, who can be trusted and relied upon. The child should feel confident in sharing everything that he/she does in his/her life with the parent. Parents also must educate themselves and keep in constant touch with the proper ways by which they can handle their child. Their own discipline in everyday life and their attitude will help build the final personality of their child.

The teacher/ heads of schools are the role models which the children look up to and try  to emulate. Nowadays, the teacher’s word has more weight than any one else’s for a young child. Often the child is heard saying  ‘’No Mommy, our Ma’am has said that we should do it like this’ So it is of utmost importance that teacher’s are spiritually mature and present themselves well in whatever they do in school and outside also. A teacher is immediately responsible for the children in her class and their academic progress. The class teacher must see that important moral values and useful habits are inculcated inside the class, as the class culture becomes the school culture and later, the culture of the society at large and ultimately the culture of the Nation.

The Head of a school has to be a Master Educationist. It is he/she who sets the rules for one and all to follow in school in order to bring forth the true potential of the child. Building the school teachers’ team with care, without bias or prejudice, having a cool countenance at all times, willing to let others bring in their ideas, always forgiving  in case of minor mistakes, at times inspiring and motivating teachers and students alike , is the task of the Principal. They have to emphasize that the teachers are to display their best, as they are the representatives of God on earth, having divine behavior. The teacher’s behavior reflects the Principal’s attitude and just as he/she does to them, so they do unto the children. The Principal should set the code of conduct as to what is acceptable and what is not with the help of the teachers themselves, so that they are party to the rules and always accountable for their own and the students actions. For this it is essential to have a great sense of dedication and love for children. Once the Head sets the boundaries for one and all, the academic and cultural activities of a school are conducted with fun and joy, essential for a congenial learning atmosphere. The Head must also have great humility and ability to wisely implement the directives of the Managing Committee and also to give a true report of all work being done in the school. Any lack of coordination in this area, ogres badly for the goals of education to be fulfilled satisfactorily. A simple example would be that the committee listens to the words of the Principal without personally verifying facts and relying upon hearsay evidence.

One area of a school, the Management, must have members who are true Educationists and are ready to see that the school is functioning as per their directives. Often Management members are too quick to form opinions about their school, or delay taking important decisions for its betterment. Justice delayed is justice denied and it is the Management which has to first and foremost understand that its role is not only to provide infrastructure but also take just decisions for the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

It is funny that sometimes the Regulatory Body of a school i.e. the Directorate of Education does not  take responsibility for the actions taken by schools  under its supervision. They are of the opinion that they are not a party to the actions of the School. How can that be possible? Doesn’t the Directorate see to it that the rules expounded by the Director are implemented? In case a school is following wrong policies, which are against its directives, it is the duty of the Director and Minister of Education to penalize the school so that the proper and right education is imparted to the children.

The onus of fruitful Education lies with all Educationists and even if one of them is wrong in its actions, it goes a long way in determining the future of the children. Everyone should have the right values and must compulsorily practice what is preached. From Parents to the Regulatory Bodies of Education, all must play an honest and decisive role in the lives of the children who are the future leaders of the country, who will take the country to its rightful place under the sun.

Sadhvi Verma.








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