Eligibility And Criteria

great schools Awards


The award is open to the educationist who are presently teaching or leading some school which provides education to children between ages 3 to 18.Teachers, who provide part-time or online education are also eligible. Educationist who are spending more than seven hours on  their duty can only apply. The award is open to educationist from any school.


Applicants for the great schools will be judged on a rigorous set of criteria to identify extraordinary educationists who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession. Great schools will look for evidence of a combination of:

1. Employing effective instructional practices that are replicable to influence the quality of education .

2. Employing innovative instructional practices that would discern the particular challenges of the school which have shown sufficient ways to suggest that they would be effective in addressing such challenges.

3. Schools which demonstrate student learning outcomes in the classroom.

4. Impact on the community that provide unique and distinguished models of excellence for the profession.

5. Helping children become global citizens through providing them with a value-based education that equips them for the society.

6. Improving the profession through helping to raise the bar of teaching, sharing best practice, and helping others to overcome any challenges they face in their school.

7.General reputation of the teacher, Principal, administrative staff and the school.

8.Commitment of the individual towards his/her duty.

9.Academic upgrading through participation in orientation programmes, workshops, refresher courses, etc..

10. Active participation in all activities of the society.

11. High degree of social awareness.

12Creativity and innovation in teaching practices.

Guidelines for Award Nominations

1. Anybody can Nominate yourself whether it be a Director, Principal, Teacher or Administrative Staff.

 2. You can submit information as you think is fit to be considered by the Jurist.

3. The nomination would be considered based on information supplied and available.

4. Please also indicate name of the person who will receive the award in your place, if awarded.

5. Nominations can be made for multiple categories by the same School.